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How to Make a Bracelet

Bracelets are not only beautiful jewelry articles people wear around their wrists, they are unique forms of expression. From the study of ancient history it is quite clear that human beings have worn bracelets since the beginning of time. Even today bracelets are used in all parts of the world. In different parts of world the use of jewelry varies significantly, but people from different cultures, countries and religions wear bracelets without any distinction. This shows a great demand and significance for bracelets. With all these astonishing facts regarding bracelets a question arises in every one's mind. How to make a bracelet? Bracelets can be manufactured by using different materials. You can save money and enjoy wearing a self-made bracelet quite easily.
Cloth, plastic, hemp, leather, wood and rocks are mostly used in the production of bracelets. If you are willing to make your own bracelet then it's an adventure in itself. You can improvise your own ideas and create something innovative; you can use old house-hold materials for this purpose. Firstly, you have to decide which material you are going to use for your bracelet. Fishing line and nylon string can be used for holding beads and can create a fantastic bracelet with little cost.
After deciding the material, consider your personality. Which size and color bracelet will suit your personality? Want to harvest your inner fire? How about a red bracelet? Choose the wire of your bracelet wisely so that it can't hurt your hand, stainless steel wire with nylon coating is highly recommended for your bracelet. Now choose the material for display on your bracelet. You can choose attractive parts of old toys, computers and useless kitchen accessories. It is better if you use some special beads and pearls designed especially for this purpose.
Now wrap this selected material with nylon coated wire. You can do some amendments with your bracelet. See the combination of beads and pearls (if used) and reset them if they are not in an appropriate manner. A very common problem with a handmade bracelet is that they are not durable. It is because people make the loop of their bracelet very small. Please take care of the loop size and add some extra space in the loop for the movement of the bracelet in your hand. Chain mail bracelets are very difficult to make because interlocking different rings can be a difficult task.
Still it is not impossible to make chain mail bracelets at home. You have to purchase appropriate material and turn that metallic material into rings. Now join these rings properly in the desired shape and your bracelet is ready. As discussed earlier bracelets bring style and enhance your personality and they are highly recommended to wear. Many people think that making a bracelet is a very difficult task but it is as simple as 1, 2, and 3. You can feel great if you have made your own bracelet. Then it is quite obvious that people will ask you how to make a bracelet. Seize the day and create your own bracelet!

Metal Detecting On Your Local Beaches

Metal detecting on the beach is a very popular hobby among people who live near the coast. The beach is also a great place for new comers to the trade to start with metal detecting. It's very common to see someone metal detecting on the beach while you are having fun in the sun, as many people have the misfortune of losing valuable while at the beach. This is where the treasure hunters find their treasures.
With metal detecting growing so much in popularity, metal detecting on the beach is becoming more competitive. However there are still ways to come home with more than just trash. Always think of where are spots that others might have missed. Places where people gather but treasure hunters miss. For instance, life guards only gather where people are allowed to swim at the beach, but on the other side might be people who just want to tan in the sun, foot paths that leads to the beach. Another part of the beach you might want to visit is where fishermen, joggers, surfers and dog walkers, etc go about. Even smaller beaches are good places to look.
Most people who metal detect work Monday to Friday, so the best time to go metal detect, on the beach is on Friday or Sunday nights. Friday nights to find the treasures left by everyone who visited the beach during the week or Sunday nights to find what has been left behind after a busy weekend at the beach. But you have to know that if you are metal detecting in a place like the beach, you are going to find a lot of worthless trash, but don't waste your time deciding what you think might be trash, dig up everything and sort it out at home.
However, remember that it won't be your metal detector that gets the credit here, it's all up to you on how much treasure you find on the beach, depending on how quick and thorough you are with your searches. Simply put, the more you dig up the better the odds of finding valuable treasures. But don't try and dig up the whole beach in one night. Work at a pace that you are happy with and make sure you don't miss something in an area. The beach is one of the best places to find lost jewellery and change. Also remember to always go through all the junk you take home with you before you throw it away, you never know if there is something amazing in there that you didn't see the first time around.
Remember to fill up all the holes that you dig when you're done with them. You don't want someone to hurt themselves in a hole you dug. A big part of metal detecting is being courteous towards others during your adventures. Also remember, the closer you keep your metal detector to the ground the higher the chances of finding lost treasures.

Christmas Flowers - A Nice Break from Chocolate

There can be no better way of adorning a very special celebration than with the fragrance and attractive colors of magnificent flowers. They can always add a joyful feel and festive look to any celebration. Most online florists offer customize flower presentations to fit all occasions, including Christmas. And Christmas flowers aren't just good for decorating a place; they can also be used as precious Christmas gifts to a family member or to your special someone. Christmas flowers are essentially a nice break from chocolate.
Christmas Flower Gifts
Usually given to relatives, friends and loved ones, Christmas flowers are wonderful gifts that serve as a symbol of the joy of the celebration. Virtually all women appreciate beautifully-embellished flower pots or baskets. They are perfect Christmas presents to remind them of their grace and beauty. Among the best flowers that you can give to your mother or daughter on Christmas day are flowers that signify happiness like carnations, daisies and tulips. Ever since, red roses have been a familiar choice. But if the recipient is a family member, you can go for orange, yellow, white or pink roses because they are more suitable for the occasion. Christmas flower gifts are usually arranged beautifully in a flower basket or vase with a small card containing a Christmas greeting.
Some men are also surprised when they receive floral gifts during special occasions. For Christmas, the perfect flowers are those that have shades of red, yellow and orange. A well-arranged basket or bouquet of red roses can be a good Christmas gift for a boyfriend or a husband. Aside from flowers and chocolates, bonsai trees and plants are also good gifts for this joyous occasion.
Well-known Christmas Flowers
o Poinsettia
Among many flowers, most people consider poinsettia as the flower for Christmas. It is commonly found in Mexico and in other countries in South America. During Christmas season, it is often exported to the U.S. as potted plants. Poinsettia is normally utilized for Christmas decorations because they can add magic to this festive celebration. This flower is called in many other names like Flame Leaf, Flower of the Holy Night, Lobster Flower and Christmas Flower. Poinsettias seem to be very attractive in their vibrant red shade. There are also poinsettias in shades of pink and white. Some people believed that these star-shaped flowers stand as symbol of the Star of Bethlehem.
o Roses
A bouquet of roses as a Christmas flower gift can also be a good break from chocolate. Also known as Winter Rose or Snow Rose, this flower is traditionally known as the genuine Christmas flower. Roses are classic blooms that can usually be given to your loved ones at any occasion and any month of the year. Moreover, since many of us believe that every hue of this flower has a meaning, then you can hand out to your friends and dear ones a bunch or roses with a certain shade for each person.
o Tulips
These flowers are also great for the Christmas season. Like roses, tulips are available in almost all types of hues. Hence, you can combine the well-known holiday colors in order to come up with an attractive assemblage of tulips that make a good Christmas gift. But since they come from Europe, you may find it difficult to get such type of flowers from the local flower shops. So if you really prefer this kind of flower, you better spend a little time and effort in looking for florists that offer such.
Other popular Christmas flowers are holly with red berries and green leaves, Christmas cactus that have red or pink flowers and green leaves, Christmas garland, Christmas tree and the Mistletoe which symbolizes love, goodwill and peace. The orchids, which signify charm and reflection, can also be made into a good Christmas bouquet.
Christmas is the right time to search for an ideal gift from the wide range of presents available out there. Among the thoughtful gifts that can be appreciated are flowers. Flowers are really amazing due to their grace, beauty, charm and big impact they bring in a person's heart. Since most women love to be given flowers, then a splendid bouquet of Christmas flowers can be a very nice break from chocolate this holiday season.

Italians Celebrate Saint Joseph's Day on March 19

Italy - The Feast Day of Saint Joseph
Italians love celebrating. Two days after the feast of Saint Patrick, on March 19th, Italians all over the world celebrate Saint Joseph's Day. Saint Joseph is the father of Jesus and the husband of Mary. He is the Patron Saint of carpenters, house buyers and sellers, fathers, confectioners, wheelwrights, and working people. Numerous countries regard him as their patron saint too, including Austria, Canada, Mexico, Sicily, Turin, and Florence Italy.
According to legend, during the Middle Ages severe drought and famine plagued Sicily. Sicilians prayed passionately to Saint Joseph for rain. They promised that if he sent rain, they would prepare a large feast in his honour. While they waited, Sicilians survived on fava beans which saved them from starvation. Saint Joseph heard their prayers and sent rain. The Sicilians never forgot their promise to him for answering their desperate prayers. In gratitude, to this very day, they hold dear their promise and pay homage to him.
Every March 19th, Italians open their hearts and pantries. First, three-tiered altars are erected to honour the Holy Trinity. A statue of Saint Joseph, surrounded by flowers and candles, decorates the top tier. On the next two tiers are foods like pasta, olive oil, fava beans, and baked goods.
During the banquet, food is generously offered to the needy. In the town squares of many towns and villages, large banquet tables are erected. All the townsfolk contribute food, flowers, limes, candles, wine, and fava beans. No meats are placed on the altar because the feast day falls during the season of Lent. Foods made with bread crumbs are common because it is symbolic of a carpenter's sawdust. A special vegetarian minestrone soup including fava beans and bread carefully baked in the shape of a sceptre to represent his walking stick or a wreath representing the Crown of Thorns are lovingly prepared and offered. At the end of the meal, every guest takes nhome some of the food.
To begin the festival, the local priest blesses the altar and its foods. Children portraying the Holy Family must sample all the food on the altar. As each item is tasted, there is a drum roll and everyone shouts "Viva San Giuseppe" to cast away all of the evil spirits. When the tasting is complete, the blessed loaf of bread is cut into pieces and shared with all. Legend decrees that whoever eats a piece of the bread will receive good fortune throughout the next year.
Saint Joseph's Day is a day for eating and celebrating with friends and family. There are many recipes passed down through the generations for this very special occasion. One of the most common is for "zeppole", a fried donut-like treat. So on March 19th, I hope you take the time to make and enjoy zeppole. I wish all my Italian family, friends, and readers Buon Giorno di San Giuseppe - Happy St. Joseph's Day. "Viva San Giuseppe!"
For the dough:
2 cups sifted flour
2 cups water
10 ounces granulated sugar
½ teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 large eggs
¼ cup white wine
A pot of oil for frying
For the dredging:
3 teaspoons powdered cinnamon mixed with 1 cup sugar
Combine water, sugar, and 3 tablespoons of oil in a heavy saucepan and bring to a boil. Mix flour into boiling water mixture all at once. Remove from Remove from heat and begin whisking or stirring with a wooden spoon until the mixture forms a mass. Return to low heat ad cook 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat, and add eggs 1 at a time. Beat vigorously after each addition or the egg will cook. Add wine and beat the dough until satiny. Grease a countertop or board with oil. Turn out the dough and pat down flat. Fold sides over on itself so there are 3 layers. Repeat this five more times. Heat oil in a large pot or fryer. Take about 1/3 of dough and roll out in a log, to the thickness of your thumb. Pinch off a teaspoon size piece. Place 3 or 4 at a time into boiling oil. Turn and fry until golden on both sides. Drain on brown paper. Place into a paper bag and sprinkle powdered sugar over them. Close the bag and shake to cover with sugar.

Costume Design Ideas - How To Choose A Unique Outfit

Wearing a costume is always exciting during costume parties like during the Halloween season. A lot of people look forward to this event and they really enjoy preparing for their costume. Though it is never easy to choose the costume to wear since there are a lot of factors that you have to consider. You need to make sure that the outfit fits you. There are some ideas that you can use for you to be able to choose a unique costume that you can wear for the event.
Crayons are very popular especially for kids as they always use this in the art papers and activities that they have in school. This is a cool and unique costume that you can actually use if you want to attend a costume party. You just need a large felt and a small one. The larger one needs to cover the whole body and should be capable of making a hat that is shaped like a crayon. Try to choose the color that you like most. You need to label the costume using the small felt.
One of the coolest costumes that you can wear is a the one that is inspired by the sky above especially during the blue and clear sky. You just need to have a blue top and cotton to symbolize clouds. Try to shape the cotton like the cumulus clouds and attach it to the top. You then need to wear white shoes to complete the effect.
Another idea that is considered unique is the one that is inspired after the doctors. Make use of the white coat and bring some accessories like a stethoscope. To add more to the effect, you can bring band aids to be given to other guests.
There are a lot of unique ideas that you can actually use if you want to attend a costume party in your place. It needs not to be expensive. You can buy economical ones. Try to follow the tips mentioned for you to have a cool and unique outfit for the event.

Summer Party Planning - Easy To Make Food

Finding great food that looks appetizing and is delicious and perfect for the summer heat is never easy; especially if you want something unique and you're probably going to be cooking for a lot of people. Some of the best summer party food is stuff you eat everyday and that's really easy and inexpensive to make.
Ice cream is one popular summer party food but you can give things a fun twist and have popsicles instead. Instead of rounding out a million different flavors of ice cream, make popsicles at home in all sorts of flavors. They're easier to serve and eat (no spoon or bowl required).
Grill or fry something; make it meat or bake potatoes and add flavor using cheese and your favorite pizza spices. The meat is going to be a huge hit even if you don't fry or grill it right there in your backyard. You can always have burgers which are a popular party food and are really easy to make. The best way to add variety to your food table is to include lots of sauces and dips.
Salads and fresh fruit is also a must have at a summer party. After grilled meat, fried meat and possibly French fries, your guests will want to eat something that will help with all that heavy food. Salads are great and so is fruit. Don't serve fruit the same old way, there are lots of unique ways to serve it; you can get gourmet chocolate baskets filled with fruit or serve chocolate strawberries which is better than eating them with cream.

Kids Halloween Costumes

At the end of October, kids and adults dress in costumes in such a way to scare neighbors, friends and relatives. It is called Halloween and worth celebrating it. When you combine with candy, spooky costumes with fun, Halloween is one of the most enjoyable holidays. Here are some Halloween costumes that are considered favorite among the people for years.
The costume of cowboys and the sheriffs has always been a favorite Halloween costumes among the younger generations. When I was a kid, the cowboy costume was very popular and even nowadays I still see fair share of boys in cowboy costumes. Cowboy costumes are very popular among boys just as the princess costumes are famous among girls. Little girls always love to dress up in dresses like that of princess, which sparkles. Some girls also love to dress up in witch costumes with wands and scepter to look evil.
The costume of pirates is also very popular among boys especially after the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Even girls want to be dress up like captain jack sparrow. The other famous pirates costume includes captain Hook. Apart from these, peter pan is also popular among kids who fancy fairy tales and fantasy movies. Some girls even wear the costume of Wendy.
For girls, the witch and princess are two costumes that won the heart of many girls. They work well and the costume industry also earns a lot designing such costumes. This all depends on individual though most girls prefer costume that has different shining colors, which look sparkles at night. Some wanted to look scary whereas some wanted to look fairy. There are also different kinds of mask available with the costumes. For the witch, they have long nose with a cone shaped hat, which makes them more evil when worn. For the pretty witch, the color shedding on the costumes are lighter and don't have a long hook- nose at all.
Naughty boys and girls always love to look evil so most of them chose their Halloween costumes in such a way to look scary. The costume of a devil is scary and controversial. There are parents who don't want their kids to dress up in a devil costume. The devil costume has a tail with horns all in red with black tight pants. This Halloween costume is one of the coolest costumes among some kids.

Pirate Costumes

Ageless and genderless are few of the words that encompass the whole idea of a swashbuckling buccaneer that a pirate is. Costumes of pirates are utilized in fun activities like scavenger hunts. It is also a big hit with society events and Halloween parties in addition to being a favorite of children when they go for trick-or-treats. For this Halloween, a classy pirate costume may just be what you need to capture a Black Pearl of your own.
Because of the recent blockbuster movies about pirates, pirate costumes have staged a dramatic comeback. It has now become an option for not only children but for adults as well. From traditional to sexy, the range of pirate costumes available on sale is extensive. Also available are tons of fabulous props that can go with the costumes. A basic outfit is not enough to achieve the feeling of a pirate. Fake teeth, hooks and eye patches can be used to complete the get-up. Piracy is a rough and dirty business and so, the tools of the trade are a necessity when the intention is to portray an image of an adventurer who rules the seven seas with an iron hand. But the whole outfit would become complete only with a chic hat.
Perchance, a pirate head wrap may be more your type to portray the image of a dirty pirate who has not a cent's worry in the world. Whole assortments of specially crafted pirate weapons are also on offer. From Pirate Cutlasses to Pirate Guns, you will have an enormous variety to choose from.
Turn into a pirate and cut yourself loose to have a memorable Halloween night. Pirates have always been free-spirited scalawags so ensure that you attain such a personality. For maximum enjoyment, try to nudge the rebel side of you to come forward and take over. With a bottle of rum handy, you are ready to sail forth.
Pirate costumes need not necessarily be costly or difficult to attain. Pirates were not known to follow a consistent dressing style. They rather wore disproportionate and inconsistent clothing that were normally loose fitting and easy to get.
Refurbish your costume with matching boots or shoes (but sometimes, pirates go barefoot), a hat, head wrap or a bandanna, golden earrings and a sword. After this, you need not doubt the impression that you will create as a seafaring buccaneer. For further effect, you can wear an eye patch and stitch a toy parrot.

Important Tips to Take Care of a Newborn Baby

It may be an exciting experience but also a scary time for a mother who has just got a new baby. It will be very difficult at the beginning but you have to be sure that you can take care of your baby. Even, you will miss the experience of taking care of your newborn baby as the time fly by. Here are going to give you some important tips to take care of a newborn baby that you can apply through the growing process of your child.
The first thing that you need to consider is to change the diaper of your baby regularly every time you find that it is wet or soiled. It is also important for you to gather all the supplies that you need before you start to change the diaper. Some supplies that you will need include wipes, diapers, diaper rash cream, and a change of clothes. It is better for you to prepare all those things near your baby so that you do not have to leave her/him alone on the bed when you need them.
Secondly, it is also important for you to treat the diaper rash of your baby. It is recommended for you to use diaper rash cream substantially to the red area if your baby get red or irritated skin. You have to be very careful to treat diaper rash. If you can treat it well, it will potentially lead to infection or pain for your baby when he/she urinates.
Thirdly, it is really suggested for a mother to give her newborn baby breast milk. This is the best way to feed your newborn baby. However, if it is impossible for you to give breast milk to your baby, you can feed her/him with milk from the bottle. During the feeding, you can make eye contact and singing or talking with your baby. This will really beneficial to establish a strong bond between mother and her baby.
Fourthly, another ways to raise the strong bond between mother and her baby is by giving the baby love, snuggle, and cuddle. These will be the most fun and unforgettable part of having a baby. Just enjoy it because you will miss this moment someday.
Another way to take care of your baby is by using a baby sling. A baby will feel comfortable on the sling and he/she can be held close to you. Besides, using a baby sling can also let your hands to be free so that you still can do other activity while carrying your baby with the sling.
Furthermore, you also must give your baby a bath. In giving a bath to your baby, you have to make sure that the water is not too cold or too hot. Besides, prepare all the supplies near the place you give a bath to your baby so that you will be easier to handle it and do not have to leave your baby alone in the water.
Moreover, after several days of your newborn baby, you can get your baby to take a walk in the morning to enjoy the sunlight by using a baby stroller. The sunlight is good for your baby since it gives vitamin D that has great function for the bone development.

Discipline For Toddlers - 3 Essential Tips

There are many parents out there looking for effective discipline for toddlers techniques. Without knowing it a lot of parents are actually doing more harm then good when trying to control their defiant child's out of control behaviour. So if you are in need of reducing your own stress levels check out the below discipline for toddlers tips.
Tip 1: The Happy and Sad Face
Make your toddler understand what is good and bad behaviour. If your child displays bad behaviour show him a sad face. If he displays good behaviour show him a happy face. The point is that you punish your child for bad behaviour while praising him for good behaviour.
Tip 2: The Naughty Chair
If your child decides to remonstrate with bad behaviour send him to the naughty chair. The purpose of the naughty chair is to take the child away from the environment where the bad behaviour occurred. It is time for your child to settle down. The other reason for doing this is to discourage them from inappropriate behaviour.
Tip 3: Think From Your Child's Point of View
Often, parents think that their young toddlers should behave like adults. The truth is that your child is still very much at a stage in their lives where they are constantly developing. Your child sees a certain action as fun where you can only see a big mess. Don't be too harsh on your child, he is only exploring and trying to learn. You will be less mentally frustrated if you think from your child's point of view.
As you can see, discipline for toddlers requires a measured and correct approach to be effective. Although many parents first reaction is to throw a temper tantrum themselves, this is not the right way to discipline a toddler. Instead be calm. Remember, the purpose of discipline is to educate your child, not to get into a fight with them.

Greeting Cards - A Distinct Medium For Expression of Thoughts

Words can be everlasting words; thoughts can be never ending thoughts. Words have their own power and magic to spell and leverage over the minds of your loved ones. Soft spoken words can go a long way. Expression of love and feelings is possible through the greeting cards on different seasons and different occasions. You can cast a spell bound effect by designing greetings on different occasions.
You can choose to create attention grabbing greetings either in a printed form or an electronic form. With the advancement in technology, a person can create not only homemade cards within a short period of time but also create e-cards with swiftness.
In case of a printed card, a person can have an affordable printer at home as well as greeting card software for the purpose of making or creating a printable greetings. You can upload a favorite photograph of yours with the loved one and fix it on the main page while using a computer program for creating a card. Select your own designs and patterns to customize a greeting. For instance, you can create a Christmas tree or a Santa Clause on Christmas Eve. All these tactics help you in creating a unique or distinct card. A person can even use clip art or other animated cartoons as the main page of the card. Purchase a fine sheet of paper for printing purpose and print a greeting. In this way, you can prepare a fascinating greeting with the help of the computer programs.
Another way to create an electronic card is by seeking help from sites that prepare and send greetings free of cost. There are many such sites available on the Internet. If you feel the need to personally create graphics and customize the greetings, you can choose computer programs that come at an affordable price with advanced features to personalize your online cards. Tech savvy people may like the greetings in an electronic form.
Whether it is printed or an electronic form, you should be careful with the wording of a card. It can make the words unforgettable for a reader.

Getting to Know Your Soy Candle Supplies

With the growing popularity of soy candle wax, you might find yourself engaging in some soy candle making projects.
In this article I shall focus on the various basic supplies needed for making your own soy candles at home. I'll also discuss some considerations when using these supplies for certain specific projects.
DIY soy candles - The supplies
Candle wicks
I highly recommend that you use pre-waxed and tabbed wicks for all your candle making needs.
Zinc wicks should be used for gel wax. For soy candles, stick to evenly burning, 100% cotton wicks. You can also buy cotton & paper wicks; these work well too and provide a steady, even burn.
If you plan on sticking to soy wax for all your projects, you do not need to buy candle wicks with metal cores. Soy wax does not burn at a very high temperature, so metal-free wicks are fine. If you are using a soy-paraffin blend, then metal-free wicks are also a good choice.
If choosing to make DIY soy candles for your projects, I highly recommend that you buy wax only from certified suppliers who sell wax with no chemical additives. Some soy wax blends have additives that become carcinogenic when burned.
In terms of scent throw, soy wax candles do not need chemical additives in order to produce a good scent throw. In fact, the purer the soy wax blend, the better the scent throw. Soy wax comes in three forms: blocks, flakes, and beads. 
Some candle makers prefer beads because they are easier to measure using mini-scales. Some prefer blocks because they're easier to handle and can be stored easily in cupboards without running the risk of spilling some of the material. The middle ground is soy wax flakes - this variety is easier to melt than blocks.
Packaging materials
If you plan to sell the candles that you make, you need the right type of packaging. For candle tarts, there are large packs that allow you to place up to six candle tarts in a row.
These packs have covers. Clear bags are also a good choice, especially if you are making large, pillar candles. They're simple and easy to seal. Muslin bags, on the other hand, enhance your candles' organic appeal. Muslin bags are also great to work with because they're spacious and can be cleaned easily.
Fragrances for candles are usually packed in bottles. You can opt for one or two bottles to begin with, but I recommend buying in bulk to save some cash over the long run. Volume pricing is the best if you are going for relatively larger scale of candle making projects.

Say it Isn't Soy

Diabetes. Early puberty. Learning disabilities. Thyroid disorders. Infertility. Heart arrhythmia. Kidney stones. Uterine cancer. Rheumatoid Arthritis. What is the common denominator?
From a cheap gasoline additive in the 1920s to inclusion today in thousands of food products for humans and domesticated animals, the lowly soy bean has catapulted to nutritional heights as a food industry darling. Touted by health gurus, beauty experts, and even the U.S. government, soy products haunt American homes and restaurants in infant formulas, dairy products, meat substitutes, and baked goods. Non-edible, allergy-inducing soy products lurk in carpets, mattresses, inks, paints, boxes, and plastic.
Blame the misinformed, the imitation food industry, the advertisers, and the American soy farmers who have leapfrogged economically over wheat, corn, and cotton farmers to export mega-tons of soy products to the rest of the world. What is wrong with this picture?
1. Soy is a phytoestrogen. This means it increases the estrogens in those who consume it. Is it any wonder that children raised on soy formulas are entering puberty far earlier than did their parents? Or that women taking hormone replacement are more apt to develop breast cancer if they have a history of soy consumption?
2. Childhood diabetes, concurrent with rising adult obesity, has reached a national emergency. Some scientists suggest that children raised on soy-based products have twice as much chance of becoming diabetic as those who are breast-fed or consume milk-based formulas. Infants receiving soy formula are unwitting victims. Researchers conclude that they can expect high rates of reproductive disorders, asthma, and allergies. They may also suffer from brain damage caused by toxic manganese. Scientists report that soy infant formula contains up to 200 times the manganese of breast milk. Since babies cannot dispose of the excess, it lodges in the liver, the kidneys, the brain, and other soft body tissues. In time, manganese toxicity can lead to highly emotional behavior.
3. Young girls who develop breasts and pubic hair before the age of eight are no longer uncommon in elementary school, but first, second, and third graders bewildered by their changing bodies are not sufficiently mature to handle peer teasing and the responsibility of changing sanitary napkins during the school day. Parents and teachers worry that rising early puberty contributes to increased sexual activity among teenagers and preteens.
4. Many women taking estrogen to ease or postpone the aging process unwittingly multiply the amount they consume by supplementing their prescriptions at the dinner table. This is double jeopardy.
Internationally respected nutritionist Dr. Mary Enig attributes the explosion of soy products to claims by its boosters that Japanese enjoy better health than Americans because they consume soy. "Soy is a condiment in Asian diets, not a staple," she says. "No one would call mustard a staple in the American diet even though it is a very typical foodstuff."
The daily average soy food consumption in Asia, she emphasizes, is less than nine grams (about two teaspoons) as compared with the 25 grams of soy protein per day recommended by the FDA. Studies show that the daily intake of 45 mg for one month can cause hormonal changes in women, and yet the average daily intake of children receiving soy formula is 38 mg, astounding considering the difference in body weight between infants and adults. Even more shocking, the FDA recommended amount of all phytoestrogens in diets of infants and adults is 75 mg.
Could it be that the FDA is in the clutches of the imitation food industry which, in turn, woos consumers by convincing them that replacement of eggs, fish, meat, milk, and poultry with soy milk and tofu burgers translates to health and beauty?
Despite the urgency to curtail soy in the diet, the food industry is neither impressed nor deterred by scientific condemnation of soy. From cereals and pasta to quasi-dairy products, grocery store shelves groan with hundreds of soy-based items touted as preventives of breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, osteoporosis, and heart disease. Contrary to the unsubstantiated claims penned by ad agencies, numerous studies confirm that soy lowers thyroid function and may cause goiters; low thyroid function contributes significantly to osteoporosis, heart disease, and menopause problems.
To soften or postpone the aging process, gynecologists prescribed estrogen supplements for a generation of menopausal women. Today, alarmed by a burgeoning number of breast cancer victims, physicians are advising their patients to decrease or eliminate the dosage. But many women who unwittingly multiplied the amount of estrogen consumed by supplementing their prescriptions with phytoestrogen at the dinner table may be facing double jeopardy.
Cancer of the breast is not the only worry. Lured by the promise that soy lowers cholesterol, men and women alike subject themselves to soy hell by adopting a diet of soy meat substitutes, soy cheese, soy cereal, tofu smoothies, tofu chunks in salads, and soy ice cream. A report published in Cancer Research found that genistein, one of the isoflavones in soy, is more carcinogenic than the synthetic estrogen DES given to women whose daughters later suffered from very high rates of cervical cancer.
Physical danger from soy isn't limited to expensive products hawked as health panaceas. Those who bother to read the ingredients in common manufactured food products discover that soy has sneaked in where it's least expected, perhaps as a wheat or dairy substitute in noodles, soups, sauces, cookies, oven-ready meals, and low fat elixirs. Total up the amount of soy Americans are consuming both with and without their knowledge and it's easy to understand why the fields of soy spanning America's heartland are the next killing fields worthy of elimination.