Thursday, 17 October 2013

Pirate Costumes

Ageless and genderless are few of the words that encompass the whole idea of a swashbuckling buccaneer that a pirate is. Costumes of pirates are utilized in fun activities like scavenger hunts. It is also a big hit with society events and Halloween parties in addition to being a favorite of children when they go for trick-or-treats. For this Halloween, a classy pirate costume may just be what you need to capture a Black Pearl of your own.
Because of the recent blockbuster movies about pirates, pirate costumes have staged a dramatic comeback. It has now become an option for not only children but for adults as well. From traditional to sexy, the range of pirate costumes available on sale is extensive. Also available are tons of fabulous props that can go with the costumes. A basic outfit is not enough to achieve the feeling of a pirate. Fake teeth, hooks and eye patches can be used to complete the get-up. Piracy is a rough and dirty business and so, the tools of the trade are a necessity when the intention is to portray an image of an adventurer who rules the seven seas with an iron hand. But the whole outfit would become complete only with a chic hat.
Perchance, a pirate head wrap may be more your type to portray the image of a dirty pirate who has not a cent's worry in the world. Whole assortments of specially crafted pirate weapons are also on offer. From Pirate Cutlasses to Pirate Guns, you will have an enormous variety to choose from.
Turn into a pirate and cut yourself loose to have a memorable Halloween night. Pirates have always been free-spirited scalawags so ensure that you attain such a personality. For maximum enjoyment, try to nudge the rebel side of you to come forward and take over. With a bottle of rum handy, you are ready to sail forth.
Pirate costumes need not necessarily be costly or difficult to attain. Pirates were not known to follow a consistent dressing style. They rather wore disproportionate and inconsistent clothing that were normally loose fitting and easy to get.
Refurbish your costume with matching boots or shoes (but sometimes, pirates go barefoot), a hat, head wrap or a bandanna, golden earrings and a sword. After this, you need not doubt the impression that you will create as a seafaring buccaneer. For further effect, you can wear an eye patch and stitch a toy parrot.

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