Thursday, 17 October 2013

Discipline For Toddlers - 3 Essential Tips

There are many parents out there looking for effective discipline for toddlers techniques. Without knowing it a lot of parents are actually doing more harm then good when trying to control their defiant child's out of control behaviour. So if you are in need of reducing your own stress levels check out the below discipline for toddlers tips.
Tip 1: The Happy and Sad Face
Make your toddler understand what is good and bad behaviour. If your child displays bad behaviour show him a sad face. If he displays good behaviour show him a happy face. The point is that you punish your child for bad behaviour while praising him for good behaviour.
Tip 2: The Naughty Chair
If your child decides to remonstrate with bad behaviour send him to the naughty chair. The purpose of the naughty chair is to take the child away from the environment where the bad behaviour occurred. It is time for your child to settle down. The other reason for doing this is to discourage them from inappropriate behaviour.
Tip 3: Think From Your Child's Point of View
Often, parents think that their young toddlers should behave like adults. The truth is that your child is still very much at a stage in their lives where they are constantly developing. Your child sees a certain action as fun where you can only see a big mess. Don't be too harsh on your child, he is only exploring and trying to learn. You will be less mentally frustrated if you think from your child's point of view.
As you can see, discipline for toddlers requires a measured and correct approach to be effective. Although many parents first reaction is to throw a temper tantrum themselves, this is not the right way to discipline a toddler. Instead be calm. Remember, the purpose of discipline is to educate your child, not to get into a fight with them.

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