Thursday, 17 October 2013

Christmas Flowers - A Nice Break from Chocolate

There can be no better way of adorning a very special celebration than with the fragrance and attractive colors of magnificent flowers. They can always add a joyful feel and festive look to any celebration. Most online florists offer customize flower presentations to fit all occasions, including Christmas. And Christmas flowers aren't just good for decorating a place; they can also be used as precious Christmas gifts to a family member or to your special someone. Christmas flowers are essentially a nice break from chocolate.
Christmas Flower Gifts
Usually given to relatives, friends and loved ones, Christmas flowers are wonderful gifts that serve as a symbol of the joy of the celebration. Virtually all women appreciate beautifully-embellished flower pots or baskets. They are perfect Christmas presents to remind them of their grace and beauty. Among the best flowers that you can give to your mother or daughter on Christmas day are flowers that signify happiness like carnations, daisies and tulips. Ever since, red roses have been a familiar choice. But if the recipient is a family member, you can go for orange, yellow, white or pink roses because they are more suitable for the occasion. Christmas flower gifts are usually arranged beautifully in a flower basket or vase with a small card containing a Christmas greeting.
Some men are also surprised when they receive floral gifts during special occasions. For Christmas, the perfect flowers are those that have shades of red, yellow and orange. A well-arranged basket or bouquet of red roses can be a good Christmas gift for a boyfriend or a husband. Aside from flowers and chocolates, bonsai trees and plants are also good gifts for this joyous occasion.
Well-known Christmas Flowers
o Poinsettia
Among many flowers, most people consider poinsettia as the flower for Christmas. It is commonly found in Mexico and in other countries in South America. During Christmas season, it is often exported to the U.S. as potted plants. Poinsettia is normally utilized for Christmas decorations because they can add magic to this festive celebration. This flower is called in many other names like Flame Leaf, Flower of the Holy Night, Lobster Flower and Christmas Flower. Poinsettias seem to be very attractive in their vibrant red shade. There are also poinsettias in shades of pink and white. Some people believed that these star-shaped flowers stand as symbol of the Star of Bethlehem.
o Roses
A bouquet of roses as a Christmas flower gift can also be a good break from chocolate. Also known as Winter Rose or Snow Rose, this flower is traditionally known as the genuine Christmas flower. Roses are classic blooms that can usually be given to your loved ones at any occasion and any month of the year. Moreover, since many of us believe that every hue of this flower has a meaning, then you can hand out to your friends and dear ones a bunch or roses with a certain shade for each person.
o Tulips
These flowers are also great for the Christmas season. Like roses, tulips are available in almost all types of hues. Hence, you can combine the well-known holiday colors in order to come up with an attractive assemblage of tulips that make a good Christmas gift. But since they come from Europe, you may find it difficult to get such type of flowers from the local flower shops. So if you really prefer this kind of flower, you better spend a little time and effort in looking for florists that offer such.
Other popular Christmas flowers are holly with red berries and green leaves, Christmas cactus that have red or pink flowers and green leaves, Christmas garland, Christmas tree and the Mistletoe which symbolizes love, goodwill and peace. The orchids, which signify charm and reflection, can also be made into a good Christmas bouquet.
Christmas is the right time to search for an ideal gift from the wide range of presents available out there. Among the thoughtful gifts that can be appreciated are flowers. Flowers are really amazing due to their grace, beauty, charm and big impact they bring in a person's heart. Since most women love to be given flowers, then a splendid bouquet of Christmas flowers can be a very nice break from chocolate this holiday season.

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